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Attention Fort Myers Residents:
Get a Free Personal Training Session & Health Consultation & Discover....

Attention Fort Myers Residents:
Get a Free Personal Training Session & Health Consultation & Discover....

 How to Get  Healthy & Fit in as Little as 3 Months Even if You've Never Worked Out in Your Life...

Ashley Gray - Fort Myers Leading Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

Ashley Gray is the owner of Back in Motion Fitness & Physical Therapy in Fort Myers, FL. Her and her team help adults over the age of 50 get healthy and fit without the fear of injuring themselves.

About Me

Ashley Gray

Hello! I'm Ashley, your dedicated fitness guide beyond the age of 50. My mission is deeply personal; it's about crafting a fitness journey that respects and understands the uniqueness of your golden years. I believe that turning 50 is not about slowing down but embracing a new chapter of vitality and strength.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to creating safe, effective, and personalized fitness experiences. With a rich background in understanding the physiology and psychology of aging, I ensure that every workout is not just about physical transformation but also about nurturing your spirit and embracing life's wisdom.

Join me in redefining what it means to be fit after 50. 

Personalized Fitness: Experience workouts designed with your unique needs in mind, ensuring safety and effectiveness in every session.
Expert Guidance: Benefit from my deep understanding of the physiology and psychology of aging, empowering you with knowledge and confidence.
Community and Support: Join a community where your journey is celebrated, and receive unwavering support every step of the way towards achieving lasting vitality.

When You Sign Up For Your FREE Personal Training Session
 & Health Audit You'll Get & Learn:

When You Sign Up For Your FREE Personal Training Session & Health Audit You'll Get & Learn:

Visible Results. Witness tangible improvements in your fitness and health, marked by enhanced strength, endurance, and a renewed sense of vitality.
Tailored Training Plan. Gain a custom-crafted workout routine designed to meet your individual health and fitness goals, ensuring both safety and effectiveness.
Holistic Health Insights. Learn valuable insights about your current health status and how to optimize it through lifestyle adjustments and targeted exercises.
Safe & Effective Workouts. Engage in workouts meticulously designed to minimize risk and maximize results, ensuring a balanced approach to your physical transformation.
Nutritional Guidance. Receive expert advice on how to fuel your body correctly, enhancing your fitness journey and overall well-being.
Continuous Support & Motivation. Enjoy ongoing encouragement and support, keeping you motivated and on track to achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals.


Here's What Local Fort Myers Resident's Are Saying...

"I'm the fittest I have ever been and it's been easy to follow instructions"

Adil Patel

Fort Myers

"I've never done the same workout twice. I'm getting amazing results."

Nancy Ferguson

Fort Myers

"They take out the guesswork on what I should be doing and not be doing and they make me feel comfortable in my workouts."

Ben Johnson

Fort Myers

Where We're Located

Our Fort Myers training facility is located near Health Park Hospital off of Summerlin and Bass Road. We have ample parking and a state of the art facility.

9724 Commerce Center Ct
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Are You Ready to Get Healthy & Fit Now?

Take the Next Step Today & Claim Your FREE Personal Training & Health Audit...

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